Simple and Curated

Browse or search curated lists (or "Lysts") across hundreds of categories and countries. Simply add (+) to pin to your home screen.
* Twitter account is required.

Verified only

Official accounts

Our lysts contain only verified accounts by Twitter. This is to make sure your source of tweets are genuine and not from any spam accounts

Edit as per your needs


Once you add the Lyst to your homescreen it becomes your list. Meaning, you can delete/add members, change the details of the lyst such as icon, name, description etc.

Global Trends

Pin to HomeScreen

With HitLyst, you can access Global trending topics and hashtags by country and location. You can access tweets directly and if required, add the trends to homescreen.
* Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.

Add custom Trend

Custom Hashtag/Keyword

In case you need to follow trend/keyword closely, add the keyword and pin it to your homescreen. When you no longer need it, just delete it.

Own lists

Lists personalised

You can now easily create a list from HitLyst and add new members. You can also add icons, name, description to the list

Better experience

Night mode

Tired of looking at bright screen all day ? Access tweets and HitLyst app in night mode. Change as per your needs.

Like, reply, retweet and share

Share Tweet easily

You can like, reply and retweet from HitLyst just like how you do it on Twitter app. You can share tweet easily to different platforms